People Consciousness. What is that?

People Consciousness, a subject I am very passionate about.

What is people consciousness? One’s attitude towards other people.

I find it disheartening that there are many people who don’t exercise tolerance and understanding towards others. We tend to forget that what we experience by way of behavior or attitude from others, isn’t about us. It isn’t about YOU, it is about them.

Daily we work with people we think we know well. We see our neighbors and think we know what is happening in their lives but in reality we really don’t. We all live a life of different circumstances. Some people simply have the ability to live a healthy, happy life despite their reality. Their world might be turned upside down due disease and sickness, financial hardship or a multitude of other circumstances. But you wouldn’t know it by their outward appearance. (Never judge a book by its cover). It isn’t that they are faking their happiness or ignoring their problems, they have just become skilled at focusing on the positives and exercising gratitude for all that is right in their life. This practice, believe it or not, takes the sting out of what is or has, gone wrong.

However, there are some that haven’t mastered that ability just yet. Most people that I encounter lack coping skills, effective ways of dealing with adversity. Sadly, I find that children today are the one’s most lacking in this area. It is becoming more prevalent in our society with school shootings, and people wanting to hurt others because they hurt. I don’t think society puts enough emphasis on developing a healthy people consciousness. Therefore I believe it has to start with us, as individuals. I repeatedly reiterate to my son that when someone treats him badly it isn’t about him, it is about the other person and what is going on in their life. Maybe they are having a bad day because they didn’t get enough sleep and they are tired or maybe something else is going on and they don’t know how to deal with it so they are angry and he happens to be the person they choose to vent on.

So when you encounter those individuals that seem to be a bit unpleasant, practice a little bit of tolerance and understanding for their situation. They are projecting their own unhappiness onto other people because they don’t know how to handle it themselves. Don’t retaliate with force or ugly words (two wrongs don’t make a right). Consider for a minute what might be going on behind the scenes in their lives, have some compassion. I think most people would be surprised, if not shocked, at what battles other people were fighting.

My goal for teaching my son tolerance and understanding for other people’s behavior is, he will grow up to be a kindhearted and well-rounded human being. We are our children’s guiding light so be mindful of what you are projecting out into the world and how you react to others.

In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher. – The Dalai Lama


About Sublime Coaching

My name is Marilyn Rankin and I am a life coach in the Los Angeles, CA area. My purpose and passion in life and it is to help others live a more fulfilling and happy existence. As human beings we are not meant to live a life of hardship that can leave us feeling defeated. We experience challenges in life to help us grow as an individual. My job is to help people navigate those challenges and understand the lesson associated with them.
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