FEAR! What is good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again, ya’ll!

We all have heard the phrases, “Fear Everything And Run” or “Face Everything And Rise.”

The problem (and it is a problem) with the first example is, no matter how far or how fast you run, the FEAR will always follow you.

The challenge (for some, a terrifying challenge) with the second is, unfortunately people are unwilling to face their FEARs. They are more comfortable with knowing what they can’t do, as opposed to, exploring what they CAN do.

Did you know that when we are born there are only two things we innately fear?  One is the fear of falling and the other is the fear of loud noises.  Other than these two things, all other fears are impressed upon us from our environment, society and our own imagination. Fear is nothing more than a negative belief in something unknown. When I found this out, it changed my world. In some strange way I felt so much peace.

Fear is an illusion that leads to needless worry.  How many times have you worried about something that never became an issue?  Worry is wasted energy.  So much of what plagues us in our minds, day to day, is self-made.  It isn’t authentic, it is a theory we let ourselves believe and thus dominate our way of being. It is a like a picture show that we star in, in our own minds.  We produce it, direct it and become it. Personally, I could have won awards for my drama, I’m talking OSCAR’s!

Sadly, there are millions of people around the world living fear-based lives.  It is one of the most debilitating ways to exist.

What we believe about ourselves and our capabilities makes us who we are and what we can accomplish… Fearful thoughts limit our abilities.

If you fear you are not good enough, you never will be. Not because you can’t be, but because you are not willing to squash that little voice inside your head (FEAR) that tells you, you can’t.

If you fear that you are not worthy, you will never achieve the kind of success you desire, whether it be financial, emotional, physical or mental. This statement may sound harsh, but sadly, is is true.

Fear keeps individuals from living their full potential as human beings and children of the Universe. We are all born with special gifts and talents that we are supposed to share with the world. However, we allow outside factors to influence our mindset. The way we are raised and the beliefs imposed upon us by those who shape our self image, as well as societies ideals, have in some capacity diminished the light in our hearts and replaced it with the idea of inadequacy and doubt.

Fear leads people to make choices that don’t benefit their life or that of those around them. They second guess their decisions or don’t make decisions at all because they don’t trust themselves or others.

If individuals were to put that same (worry) energy into focusing on the positive aspects of their life they would find that their whole world would change.  FOR THE BETTER!

I learned a long time ago that I could overcome fear.  In the past, I feared so many things that I believed that if I could control everything and everyone, I would be okay. Let me tell you from first hand experience, it doesn’t work and it is friggin’ exhausting on so many levels.

So how do you make the change?

The next time something negative starts to grow in your mind, mentally tell yourself, “not today, not now.”  Instead, change your thought process and think of something or someone that makes you happy.  When you start to replace fearful thoughts with positive and optimistic thoughts, the world around you becomes brighter and happier.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t EVER have a negative thought, but it gives you a way to combat the problem before it jumps on the bandwagon and rides into town. The more you practice positive mindfulness, the less impact fear will have on you.

There is an instant lightness and sense of peace that comes with the realization that what we fear the most begins as a thought in our mind.  The mind is a powerful tool.  Take back your power and use it to your benefit. Create the fearless, fulfilling life you have always wanted.

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” — Dorothy Thompson



About Sublime Coaching

My name is Marilyn Rankin and I am a life coach in the Los Angeles, CA area. My purpose and passion in life and it is to help others live a more fulfilling and happy existence. As human beings we are not meant to live a life of hardship that can leave us feeling defeated. We experience challenges in life to help us grow as an individual. My job is to help people navigate those challenges and understand the lesson associated with them.
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